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Bobby Gordon has led keynote speeches, trainings, specialized seminars and workshops for various corporate, collegiate, community agencies, state and federal agencies, law enforcement, fraternity/sorority headquarters' staff, college campuses, and medical practitioners throughout his career. His areas of expertise include alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy/molly, predatory drugs (roofies/rohypnol & GHB), amphetamines (Ritalin, Adderall, "study drugs"), and opioids.  

Alcohol & Other Drugs (Keynotes)

Bobby Gordon's keynotes have been featured on hundreds of college campuses and high schools, at professional conferences and at numerous community organizations and agencies throughout Bobby Gordon's 20+ year career.  He has keen insight and a fresh perspective on the college alcohol and other drug prevention arena, providing non-judgmental, real-world scenarios and new media to effectively discuss alcohol and other drug abuse topics with students and practitioners.

Online Education: Informed Decisions

In partnership with CAMPUSPEAK & LaunchPoint, Bobby Gordon created Informed Decisions | Alcohol & Other Drugs, as an online program accessible to college students on any smart device. Informed Decisions was developed to educate students through a non-judgmental and unique approach to alcohol and other drug abuse prevention. This self-paced, harm reduction program clarifies misperceptions and provides factual information from a fresh and realistic perspective to reduce abuse for college students, and includes specific modules on Alcohol, Predatory Drugs, Opioids, Cocaine, Molly/Ecstasy, and Amphetamines/Study Drugs.

Fraternity & Sorority Life Programs

As  a fraternity alumnus, volunteer and former campus fraternity/sorority advisor, Bobby Gordon provides specific programming in Greek Life, including: risk management training and policy reviews; alcohol/other drug education; social normative media program implementation; disciplinary action education; headquarters staff & volunteer training; and more! 

Peer Educator Training & Curriculum

As a long-time volunteer and leader in the BACCHUS peer educator network, Bobby Gordon has created award-winning peer education programs and training for multiple colleges and universities. 

Custom Programs

Bobby Gordon is available for customized programs for your campus, fraternity or sorority organization, or community agency.